Question: Am I eligible to create a profile on STEM Women Global?

Answer: We welcome profiles from any scientist who identifies as a woman, who is committed to promoting science and technology in all its forms; and who has completed, either:

  • a Master's Degree or higher,
  • a Bachelor's Degree,
  • Associate Degree,
  • Advanced Diploma, or
  • Diploma

We also welcome profile submissions from women working in the social sciences whose work interacts with STEM-related disciplines.

Question: What are some examples of how the platform will be used?

Answer: We encourage people to use the STEM Women Global platform to find experts for:

  • Conference speakers and panels
  • Mentoring opportunities
  • Outreach activities, such as school visits
  • Leadership roles, such as board and committee members
  • Expert opinion and commentary, including media appearances
  • Collaboration opportunities

Question: How can I make contact with a profile member on STEM Women Global

Answer: You will be able to make direct email contact with profile members from the platform

Question: How can my organisation support this initiative?

Answer: We welcome discussions with organisations wishing to join the initiative to promote participation. Supporting organisations are welcome to:

  • Invite and encourage eligible people from within your membership, Fellowship and networks to create a profile on the platform
  • Promote the use of STEM Women Global Network as an online discovery platform featuring women working & engaging in STEM.

If you have other questions, please contact us at hello@stemwomen.global