Diversity and representation

A note on diversity dimensions and our terminology 

Language is a powerful tool for inclusion, and the Australian Academy of Science is committed to using language that is respectful, accurate and relevant. We have endeavoured to use language and procedures on the STEM Women Global platform to capture a wide range of identities and experiences from participants around the world, and we understand that we may not always have awareness of certain cultural and social factors, but we aim to be guided by broad inclusion principles and adopt a consultative approach. 

We recognise language is constantly evolving and the descriptions used may not capture broader diversity within certain communities. Our intention is to be succinct while being inclusive of all. We acknowledge that we may not always get it right but commit ourselves to being open to change and continuing to learn from the people we are hoping to represent.  

The terminology used on STEM Women Global is based on our experience within the STEM Women Australia platform, and generous advice from experts in our networks including the Diversity Council of Australia.  

Our intention is to be inclusive of everyone, and we recognise that one label or description may not capture the breadth and depth of lived experience in different parts of the world. Network members have the option to self-identify with one or more diversity dimensions on their profile using terminology and language of their choosing.  

To ensure we continue to build upon the platform’s initial framework, acknowledging jurisdictional and cultural differences may occur, we invite and encourage further discussions and feedback from you – women working in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) – we commit ourselves to being open to change, to hearing diverse voices, to listening and continuing to learn from the people in the STEM Women Global Network.