Carla Silva

Professor/ AI Researcher
University Atlantica

Artificial Intelligence Expert

Region: Europe

Country of residence: Portugal

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  • Mentoring
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I have been a Professor and researcher in IT area since 2002 and have been consulting in Artificial Intelligence Systems since 2014, with experience as an IT Analyst focused on Linux Slackware and Ubuntu server administration. Through my professional experience in countries like Spain, Ireland and Turkey I was able to deepen my knowledge as FullStack Developer in the development of management and application software and the opportunity to work in a team allowed me to grow and develop soft skills in the job market. I can define myself as a knowledgeable person, collaborative and highly motivated. As an artificial intelligence researcher I believe that like humans learn to feel, robots can do that as well. In short, programming is very similar to teaching. Learning to understand different ways to transmit science still is the best thing we do when we are scientists. Science must be at the service of society.