Erin Lloyd

University of Western Australia
Adjunct Research Fellow
Curtin University

Region: Asia-Pacific

Country of residence: Australia

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I am a Lecturer and Researcher with transdisciplinary expertise in physiology, biomechanics, mathematics, data analytics, cell/molecular biology, and advanced 3D imaging.

Building upon this expertise, my research aims to systematically model (i.e., physiologically and computationally) the complexity of biological processes across multiple systems to enhance scientific understanding of health and disease. My research prioritises clinical translation, aiming to improve health across the lifespan via targeted interventions rooted in robust mechanistic understanding.

To date, a primary focus has been the application of my transdisciplinary approach to understanding the mechanistic basis for the disease progression in patients with dysferlinopathy. Extending upon this, I am now engaged in a large transdisciplinary research program investigating several biological systems involved in neuromuscular disorders.