Jessie Panazzolo

Lonely Conversationists

Region: Asia-Pacific

Country of residence: Australia

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Jessie is the founder of Lonely Conservationists, a global online community working to help conservationists thrive by providing a platform to be heard, a strong community foundation and educational resources about the conservation of conservationists. Lonely Conservationists has become a pioneering platform in creating a space for conservationists across the globe by giving them a safe space to share and normalise their lived experiences with a range of constraints such as burnout, mental illness and isolation. Jessie has published two books; How to Conserve Conservationists and The Secret Life of Conservationists, both of which have been well regarded within the community. She has also hosted a podcast, a webinar series, produced an education program and created the Srikandi Women Empowerment Fellowship with her friend, Nayla Azmi. These projects have been highly regarded and used as resources by universities, businesses and NGO's across the globe. Jessie holds an honours degree in ecology and environmental science and has worked on research projects from the behaviour of black lemurs in Madagascar to the spatial ecology of the critically endangered North Sumatran elephant and orangutan. With over a decade of conservation experience spanning seven equatorial countries, Jessie won an award for her research at the 2016 Conservation Asia conference in Singapore and was a Women in STEM Change-maker at the Catalysing Gender Equity Conference in 2020. When Jessie isn't trailblazing the forefront of conservationist well-being, she is involved in helping schools across Eastern Victoria reach their sustainability goals.