Judy Pattermann

Regulatory and Sustainability Manager
FMC Australasia Pty Ltd

Region: Asia-Pacific

Country of residence: Australia

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Diversity and representation


My passion in science started early, with mathematics being my favourite subject from primary school. I was fortunate to have a father who supported my curiosity and desire to become a scientist. At university I majored in mathematics, physics and chemistry. Thanks to a magnificent lecturer, Geoff Feutrill, I discovered the universal possibilities associated with organic synthetic chemistry. My Ph.D. consisted of a mechanistic study, "Stereochemistry of Enolate Formation", under the guidance of Professor Don Cameron. After completing my studies, I turned away from academia, and applied my scientific knowledge to regulatory assessment of agrochemicals and veterinary medicines at what was then the NRA, now Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority. This work led me into industry in 2000, where I joined Aventis CropScience, and commenced my work in regulatory affairs for agrochemicals. Aventis was subsequently bought by Bayer CropScience, where I spent many years supporting projects to bring their research and development to commercial fruition through regulatory risk assessment, dossier writing and obtaining product approvals. In 2014 my interests turned to plant biotechnology, where I spent several years supporting regulatory efforts to bring genetically modified crops to the Australian market. During this time, I was also active in advocacy for regulatory reform in plant biotechnology in Australia for Bayer and BASF. In 2021, I was fortunate to be offered a role at FMC Australasia Pty Ltd, which encompasses now regulatory work in conventional chemistry, biologicals, and combinations of these two technologies for use in agriculture. FMC have also afforded me the opportunity to work in the area of sustainability for the company - a discipline that spreads across renewable energy, diversity and inclusion, agricultural sustainability, carbon accounting and minimising greenhouse gas emissions, and working to understand environmentally better choices in Australian and New Zealand farming systems.