Associate Professor
NIAS, Bangalore

Region: Asia-Pacific

Country of residence: India

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M.B.Rajani is an Associate Professor National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore. She received the Rachapudi Kamakshi Memorial Young Geospatial Scientist Award 2011 for PhD work. She is a member of Indian National Young Academy of Science 2018-2022, a Young Affiliate 2019-2023 of The World Academy of Sciences and recipient of P.R. Pisharoty Memorial award 2019 awarded by the Indian Society of Remote Sensing.

Rajani’s research has two inter-related facets: analyzing cultural landscapes using geospatial data to identify new features of archaeological interest and advancing the usage of such analysis for preserving built heritage in the face of rapidly growing infrastructural development and urbanization. Her primary scientific contribution has been to develop a methodology for detecting tell-tale signs of past human activities on landscapes from satellite imagery and integrating these findings with other spatial data to generate new inferences and novel hypotheses about the past. Her work has therefore expanded the field of archaeology to include the study of human impact on landscapes. Her findings based on remote sensing analysis at the site Talakadu (published in 2009-10) were confirmed 8 years later through conventional excavations, and her analysis of Nalanda has revealed the larger archaeological expanse around the protected site.