Nadisha Hermali Silva

Lecturer in Parasitology
University of Colombo

Region: Asia-Pacific

Country of residence: Sri Lanka

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Hermali is a Senior Lecturer and a Medical Doctor, with MD (Honours) and PhD in Medical Parasitology. She currently works at the Department of Parasitology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo. She is a qualified (CTHE, University of Colombo) and accredited Teacher in Higher Education (SEDA, UK), with combined medical, research and teaching experiences of 13 years.

Her doctoral studies included clinical and epidemiological aspects of treatment failure in leishmaniasis, molecular parasitology, drug sensitivity studies and a clinical trial. She has research expertise in parasite culturing, drug sensitivity assays, molecular laboratory techniques, whole genome sequencing, RNA sequencing and conducting randomised controlled clinical trials. She also has experience in application of image processing and m-Health based techniques in leishmaniasis. Her research has provided scientific data on safety and efficacy of thermotherapy for management of drug resistant cutaneous leishmaniasis in Sri Lanka, contributing to providing scientific data for the National Health Policy Guidelines on management of leishmaniasis.

She was a member of the committee which established the Sri Lanka National Chapter of Organization for Women in Science for the Developing World (OWSD) and is the founder Secretary of that organisation. She has served as a member of the organizing committees of research conferences, workshops and capacity building programmes for scientists, both local and international. She is a Deputy Coordinator of the Research Promotion and Facilitation Centre, Faculty of Medicine, Colombo, which provides training and capacity building opportunities for young scientists.

Hermali’s main research interests are tropical infectious diseases with special emphasis on leishmaniasis and antimicrobial resistance.