Namjil Erdenechimeg

Principal Researcher
Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Technology (Mongolian Academy of Sciences)

Region: Asia-Pacific

Country of residence: Mongolia

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I am a principal researcher at the Food Chemistry Laboratory at the Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Technology. I was born in a little city in western Mongolia. My dad was an engineer and is honest, ambitious, hardworking and persistent. My mother is a kindergarten teacher and is a hardworking, kind, creative and generous person. They wanted me and my siblings to grow up healthy, intelligent and friendly and they achieved this. I have 20-year-old daughter who graduated from the University of Finance and Economics (Mongolia) in 2018. She is an accountant—a serious, determined and capable person, and sometimes I learn from her. My family has always encouraged my choice. My current research focuses on plant polysaccharides. Due to the potential therapeutic effect, biodegradability and relatively low toxicity, polysaccharides from natural sources have broad prospects of development in health food and pharmaceutical applications. Polysaccharides have become important in today’s drug development. My group analyses the sources of biologically active polysaccharides from medicinal plants, and isolate and identify structural features of biologically active polysaccharides.